WAMMI is the best assessment tool for User Experience that relates to the actual experience visitors have of your website

WAMMI's uniqueness

The 20 WAMMI statements are selected from a large range of questions about users' experiences with websites. Over a number of iterative test-and-analyse cycles, the current 20 emerged in the form they now have.

The 20 statements summarise the essence of User Experience - as experienced by the visitors themselves. The questions allow the visitors to speak with their own voice, rather than having ideas imposed on them. Each question represents a vital aspect of User Experience and all are necessary to capture the full range of User Experience.

There are themes in the questions. As we developed WAMMI we found that the themes of Attractiveness, Controllability, Efficiency, Helpfulness and Learnability came out of the general concept of User Experience. We didn't impose those themes on the questions; they came out of the data using a class of statistical methods known as latent variable analysis.

The sophisticated statistical methodology behind WAMMI guarantees a reliable and valid voice for the users of your web site and our extensive database of websites, partitioned by website type, further nuances the message according to the type of web site that is being evaluated for User Experience.

Our objective is simple: to give you, the website evaluator, the best assessment tool for User Experience that relates to the actual experience visitors have of your website. Our mission has always been to wrap up the complex statistical and database methodologies in such a way that we can stand by our promise that what you see is actually what there is.

WAMMI is a scientific website analytics service, iteratively developed using Psychometric techniques. It has been scientifically proven and has a reliability data rating of between 0.90 and 0.93.

How reliable is WAMMI?

How WAMMI works

The service revolves around the 20-statement questionnaire and the international database. A digital report is generated at the end of the evaluation period.

Visitor experience is measured by asking visitors to the website to compare their expectations against what they actually find on the website. By asking several additional questions, detailed information of the kinds of visitor to your site, why they visit it and how they think it can be improved are obtained and analysed.

WAMMI uniqueness is derrived from the fact that it compares visitor-satisfaction for the site being evaluated with values from our reference database, which now contains data from over 320 selected surveys. This permits you to compare your site against others and see if you scored a good or bad result. Other questionnaires might only give you a value for how visitors rated your site.

Together we configure your evaluation and load it onto our server. We provide you with a URL, which you place on a prominent location on your website - usually the homepage - and not below the fold. Based on recently published research, we do not advocate using popups.

Example from posten.se

Visitors complete the questionnaire and submit their responses. The whole process takes only a few minutes, and response rates are high (10-20%). Visitors are then returned to the link location.

Once enough users have responded (somewhere between 40 and 200 users is good) and the link has been taken down, you will receive an digital report within two working days. The entire assessment process usually takes no more than about three weeks.

What does a WAMMI report contain?

The most important element of the report is your website's profile, which contains the five sub-scales: Attractiveness, Controllability, Efficiency, Helpfulness and Learnability. There is also an overall Global Usability Score for how well visitors rate your site. An average score is 50 and a perfect score is 100.

Example graph of WAMMI results

Other elements of the WAMMI report are:

  • A detailed statement-by-statement analysis, prioritizing which aspects of your website need improving.

  • Analysis of any additional questions with fixed choice answers cross-tabulated with the WAMMI profile.

  • Analysis of responses to check-box questions cross-tabulated with the WAMMI profile scores.

  • Responses to free-text questions where visitors tell you about things that are not specifically asked for by the WAMMI questions.

  • Individual visitor profiles and a numeric summary of the WAMMI results.

View a sample WAMMI report

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